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Rancière, for Dummies – Artnet Magazine

Rancière, for Dummies – artnet Magazine.

A review which in every sense remains steadfastly loyal to its own title, one that somehow manages to challenge Ranciere’s contention that coherence can originate from anywhere.

Politically, Rancière favors the concept of equality. “Politics exists when the figure of a specific subject is constituted, a supernumerary subject in relation to the calculated number of groups, places, and functions in a society” (p. 51). Translated into layman’s English, Rancière is saying that politics is the struggle of an unrecognized party for equal recognition in the established order. Esthetics is bound up in this battle, Rancière argues, because the battle takes place over the image of society — what it is permissible to say or to show.


Occupation of the Day: Aesthetician

All in a day’s work, or on a sign heading that way.  The brick layer, the cement truck, the salon, teleprompt journalism, the ballot box, ad agencies.  Otherwise the things we stare at and that stares back at us would appear entirely different were it unmasked.  As essential an occupation in society, and perhaps somewhat related, to that of the Pharmacist, the Priest, Psychiatry, etc.   The value of aesthetics in society is evident in the many diverse and delicious flavours made available from which to sample from.