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‘I think he had depression or something.’

U.S. man planning Twilight theatre attack arrested 

Police said Lammers bought one firearm Monday and another Tuesday. He then went to the Missouri town of Aldrich to practice shooting because he “had never shot a gun before and wanted to make sure he knew how they shot and how they functioned,” the probable cause statement said.

Here the Self sees its certainty of itself as such become the thing most emptied of essence; it sees its pure personality become absolute impersonality.  The spirit of its gratitude is thus just as much the sentiment of this profound abjection as it is that of the most profound revolt.  Since the pure I sees itself outside itself, and all torn to shreds in this shredding of everything that has any continuity and universality to it, what we call Law, Good, and Rights is disintegrated in one fell swoop and falls into the abyss.” (Hegel, Phenomenology of Mind)

Alienation also means being alienated from alienation.” (Hegel)