Happy Bastille Day, Everyone

Happy Bastille Day, Everyone. | rabble.ca.

If you have one reign of terror – that of privilege and hereditary rule for example, being suppressed by the rise of another form of terror, this is ultimately what people say ‘long live’ to. Hegel once said there were plebs in all classes, taken to mean that in all layers of a society, one might find people of conscience that would, under certain circumstances, conspire together to orchestrate and to bring about another political context from that which presently exists. But when we look at the historical record to examine what certain plebeians of certain classes were able to accomplish on behalf of everyone when they attained power, having the requisite knowledge, skill, and awareness of the inner workings of a given state to assume control over its basic functions, then we would have in front of us a plethora of suspect evidence where it concerns the effectiveness of revolution to bring about meaningful systemic change, with subject material spanning several continents available for examination. Which isn’t to say that nothing should be attempted, but that the question of ‘what’ should be posed and resolved beforehand.


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