Mandy Hiscocks’ Statement to the Court

Mandy Hiscocks’ Statement to the Court.

The crown wants this sentence to be a deterrent. It won’t be. Please take a second to have a good look around the room. When i get taken out of here do you think you’ll have increased anyone’s faith in the system?  I am certainly not deterred, I’m just angry.

No matter what my sentence is today, it won’t be about justice. Your system is not about justice. If it was, don’t you think we would have come to you when the G20 decided to set foot here to pursue their obviously unjust austerity agenda? Don’t you think we would have asked for your help when the police started to put up their fences and cages, and randomly arrest whoever they felt like so they could systematically abuse them in the detention centre?

If this system was about righting wrongs, don’t you think we would come to you to hold the rich to account for their abuses against the poor, immigration officials to account for their abuses against people without status, and settlers to account for our abuses against Indigenous people?

We didn’t and don’t come to you. We won’t ever come to you.


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  1. If power and justice are synonymous, the statement regarding who didn’t and won’t come before whom appears problematic as a statement of fact. Smashing bank windows, torching police cars, holding up a protest sign on a Sunday afternoon outing, etc; are all indicative of the various methodologies by which one comes before something to relay either an appeal, or to signify discontent. The process of relaying a message implies that some one or some group must appear before something in order to facilitate the exchange of information. Expressive acts are only distinguished from one another as a preference of means. In this instance the message was received, processed as a threat, and disposed of accordingly, with everything being communicated with proceeding as before without skipping a beat, slightly enhancing justification of its own means of expression in the process.

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